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Being an independent broker awards us the freedom of representing all the major insurance carriers providing us with a wide range of options to find the policy that best fits your own unique individual needs. Our expertise ranges from major medical plans to catastrophic and limited benefit plans, and even includes temporary policies to fill in coverage gaps as well as travel insurance.

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Carriers Represented:

Aetna……Click Here for Quote or to Apply Online

Assurant……Click Here for Quote or to Apply Online

Blue Cross Blue Shield..…Click Here to Apply Online

CIGNA……Click Here for Quote or to Apply Online

Golden Rule……Click Here for Quote or to Apply Online

HumanaOne……Click Here for Quote or to Apply Online

IMG Travel Insurance………Click Here to Apply Online

United HealthOne (United Healthcare)……Click Here to for Quote or to Apply Online

Thinking about an HSA-Compatible Health Plan??

People always say, “HSA’s are great, if we could only know what our cost are going to be throughout the year.” Finally, some transparency into the cost of going to the doctor or having a procedure! The health insurance industry has been touting the Health Savings Account (HSA) plans as the best way to hold down insurance costs because it gives people more “skin in the game”.  People will become consumers again for health care like they do for other forms of shopping since they will consider costs of going to doctors or prescriptions when they are spending their pretax dollars in their accounts.
Here are a few web-based services for comparing costs:
For Doctors and Procedures

Web MD

For Prescriptions

The best site for Prescriptions we have found is However, it is based on Blue Cross Blue Shield pricing but it should be a good estimate for other companies also.

1)      Skip the registration part and go to the left column and select cost estimator.
2)      You still need to select Blue Cross Texas and No to Part D question in order to get a non Medicare price estimate for Texas.