Think your phone is safe from scammers? Think again…

Phishing Scammers have now tapped into the ever-growing texting world to try to gain access to your personal information.  Follow this link to hear more about it:

If you’re asking yourself, “What is Phishing?”  Then read below.  Knowledge truly is power, so arm yourself with an understanding of the scam and your risk for identity theft declines greatly.

Phishing is an attempt to trick you into doing something you don’t want to do. Phishing emails try to coerce you into giving away your most valuable information—bank account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, social security number, even your mother’s maiden name. The people behind phishing scams want all your personal info, and they’re willing to go to great lengths to trick you into handing over your identity.

According to, “phishing is a variation on ‘fishing,’ the idea being that bait is thrown out with the hopes that while most will ignore the bait, some will be tempted into biting.”

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