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Commissioner’s Message to Concerned Texas Insurance Consumers

On July 13, a number of concerned Texas consumers sent an email to Commissioner Kitzman suggesting several potential solutions to the challenges facing the Texas insurance market. Commissioner Kitzman reviewed the suggestions with her staff, and on August 6, she sent … Continue reading

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Here’s a little something for fun for all the iphone users out there.

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Before you head out in Arlington, check this out:

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Adding fish to your diet doesn’t have to boring!

We all know the benefits of adding fish to our diet, but many are left wondering how. Here are six heart-healthy recipes from Woman’s Day to help you out!

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If you’ve recently had a baby and have lavish dreams of him or her attending college, then read this blog now!

College tuition will probably cost more than your house – per child.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Many people take out 30-year mortgages without blinking an eye, but if someone were paying college tuition back over 30 years, you would think … Continue reading

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Think your phone is safe from scammers? Think again…

Phishing Scammers have now tapped into the ever-growing texting world to try to gain access to your personal information.  Follow this link to hear more about it: If you’re asking yourself, “What is Phishing?”  Then read below.  Knowledge truly … Continue reading

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Immunizations for adults? Sound silly? Well,

if you think vaccinations are only for children, you may want to read the article below. Around 40,000 people a year die from diseases that could have been prevented with simple immunizations.

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Do adults need vaccinations?

Some adults do need to update their vaccinations.  Follow the link below to see the U.S. recommended immunization schedule for adults.

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State Closes Health Insurance Call Center

The state of Texas will close a federally funded call center in April, just 15 months after it opened. The call center, employing nine staff, is running out of its $2.8 million grant and Texas is not planning to apply … Continue reading

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Texas Health Insurers Giving Rebates?

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  Consumer groups say that customers deserve their full refunds, but the Texas Insurance Department wants to slash the rebate amount and phase in any mandated changes slowly. To read how this effects … Continue reading

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